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The World Health Organization believes that anti-vaxxers are terrorists, and they want you to know it. The WHO retweeted a video from Peter Hotez, who considers so-called vaccine misinformation as being worse than domestic terrorism. Hortez called anti-vax aggression a global killing force.

The label anti-vax aggression is obviously meant to demonize those that question the science, but the rhetoric being used is very t similar to that which was used during the Bush-era war on terror campaign. During Bush’s time in office, he used fear-mongering tactics to gain support from a very naive American population. With that support, the Bush Administration invaded Iraq and Afghanistan to protect the homeland from an existential threat. Likewise, in modern times, all that opposed the Covid lockdowns and vaccine mandates were labeled as threats to public safety. At one point, certain so-called experts deemed the unvaccinated as “grandma” killers.

This was all just a test run for the mark of the beast microchip which see that rhetoric kicked up a thousand percent.


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