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Multiple reports of mass death in China have some people worried that this could be the start of another pandemic. According to Reuters, UK-based health data firm “Airfinity,” estimates nearly 5,000 people could be dying a day.

“Airfinity estimates the wave could have two peaks at 3.7 million a day in mid-January in regions where cases are currently rising and 4.2 million a day in March in other provinces,” Reuters said.

While most reports attribute the increase in deaths as a sign of a rise in Covid cases, some believe there is a new virus that may be the real culprit, and the Chinese government is hiding this information from its citizens and the rest of the world.

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The elites of Esau continue to use China as a testing ground for their indoctrination and depopulation programs. While certain Israelite camps have leaders that refuse to share this vital information concerning martial law, the mark of the beast (microchip), the Israelite Times allows brothers to look at certain events that are taking place that may not be on their radar. These are dire times we are living in now. Unfortunately, some camp leaders do not sound the alarm.

If you want to understand what Esau’s elites have for us here in America, look at what is happening in China. It is evident that China is the “blueprint” or the standard for the new world order system.

I will leave with this clip from the “Stew Peters show” detailing the draconian laws put in place by the Chinese government to reek hell on its citizens.

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