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Just as many brothers in the faith have predicted for quite some time now, there will be a clampdown on how much information can be spread throughout the internet. Australia is pushing for internet identification policies to be implemented. One will not be able to use the internet anonymously.

To start, it seems the Australian Government will use social media as a testing ground. Apps such as Facebook will require 100 points of ID to access the site.

The powers that be are already using online abuse as a talking point, claiming that people are threatening others online, and it is something that can only be dealt with by forcing people to use give up their identities to stop this from occurring.

Fact-checkers such as AAP.COM.AU claim that reports are false and outdated; however, the Australian Government has shown that they are most definitely looking into putting this into effect. They are more than likely just biding time and checking how Australian citizens will react. For over two years, they have been tiptoeing around this subject. At times they will openly call for these new regulations, and once the people begin to cry out, they will back off and claim it was just theory.


“The Australian government expects to provide a formal response to the inquiry’s report in 2023,” a departmental representative said in an email.


This is just the starting point of what will soon be the complete reconfiguration of the internet as we know it. As with Covid lockdowns, the wicked elites always start their new world order agenda in other countries first, and later; they slowly bring it to America.

Yet we know who their real targets are. It’s the men of the Lord. Too much of the word and too many of our people have woken up to their true identity. This has caused many problems for the elites of Edom as it has become a terrible sign of things to come. I encourage brothers to seek the Lord while he may be found and gather as much information as possible. The devil is about to come down with great wrath, for he knoweth that he has but a short time.

All praises, glory, and honor are due to YAHAWAH BAHASHAM YAHAWASHI.

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